Blackpool Dance Lessons

All classes last 2 hours and usually take place on a Saturday afternoon. Most venues are licensed and some have food available.

Bellydance – Emphasis is on fun and students will learn a series of basic moves plus the Egyptian Walk which can all be put together in a routine. Belly dancing hip belts will be provided to give the class and authentic feel.

Bollywood – Learn a series of Bollywood dance moves with hip-hop and belly dancing elements which ends in a routine being preformed to a soundtrack from a Bollywood blockbuster. Indian scarves are provided for all students to wear

Burlesque - Learn famous 1950’s cabaret style routines incorporating walks, pouts, dance moves and tricks all put together in a great routine. Students are encouraged to dress up in 50’s style (corsets, feather boas, long gloves) and special props like fans, crops etc will be provided for the extra touches

Can-Can  - Get in the party spirit with some old fashioned high-kicking Moulin rouge style. Learn moves tricks and routines which will all be included in your final chorus Line performance. Colourful can-can skirts are provided as part of the package to put you in the mood. Bring your cameras!

Cheerleading – This fun-filled, high-energy party starts off with some simple cheers and combinations. Fabulous hot pink and purple pom-poms are provided as part of the package. All your pom-pom shaking and combinations will come together in a fantastic routine at the end.

Chicago –This latest hen party offering is the sexy, sassy and stylish Chicago party. Dress to impress in black flapper dresses, fishnets and high heels. Decked out with bowler hats that are provided you will be dancing to the smash hit soundtrack ‘All That Jazz’, learning some intricate dance moves and hand movements to create a routine in true Bob Fosse style.

Dirty Dancing – You love the film; you know the songs... now learn the moves with a Dirty Dancing Party. This is the ultimate girls’ party and a chance for you to learn one of those fabulous dance routines from a true cinema classic. Incorporating Salsa steps and the Cha Cha Cha, you will learn the routine that Baby learns in the log cabin so get ready to have the time of your life! 

Grease – We are taking you back to Rydell High in this new and exciting hen party. You’ve seen the film, you know the lines, (you’ve fallen in love with Danny Zuko!), now learn the moves. This upbeat class will include a traditional hand jive as well as rock 'n' rock steps, before finishing with the finale to 'We Go Together'. Get your Pink Lady jackets and 50’s dresses on to give you that retro look.

Pole Dancing - One of the very best ways to burn calories. Learn the art of Pole Dancing from an expert tutor and watch in horror or admiration as your friends give it a go, not forgetting you'll have to take a turn on the pole.

Salsa - If you like Salsa music you’ll love this party. Our fantastic instructors will teach you the basic footwork and build on this with passionate and dynamic salsa moves. By the end of the two hour session you’ll be performing a whole salsa dance like a Cuban pro! You’ve seen it on Strictly, now it’s your turn to salsa!

Strictly – The biggest show in the country has just become the best party to be at. Each teacher learns 6 of the most popular dances which then allows the group to choose 3 of their favourite to give it a tailored feel.  4 volunteers get to become the judges for the ‘Strictly Hen Dancing’ competition at the end of the session.

Thriller  - Learn the dance routine from Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller music video and amaze your friends every time you hear the song!  With all the best elements of disco and street dance, Thriller is a rich, varied and fun dance routine for dancers and non-dancers alike. So get on your best red jacket and all the latex you can find for 2 hours of spooky fun.

80’s Dance party  - Start with some Jane Fonda style 80’s aerobics to warm up, and then move onto the classic 80’s dances Don’t forget your air guitar, get footloose, grab your legwarmers, lycra and head bands and think FAME for what can only be described as a trip back to the craziest era ever!

Street dance Street Dance has exploded into the UK dance scene lately and The ‘Step Up’ craze has had girls across the country fall in love with this highly energetic, formatted dance class. Learn about the attitude of street dance culture and then be taught how to recreate the hypnotic move of the likes of Diversity!  Wear ‘Team trainers’ with loose fitting closes and lots of ‘bling bling’ jewellery!