Blackpool Goggle Football

Whether you’ve had your beer goggles on the night before or you’re planning to have them on later, this activity will get you prepared. Regardless of ability this activity will guarantee many a mis-kick and they’ll definitely be at least one player who’ll end up on the floor, and not from a foul! Whether you think you’re a Ronaldo or a Messi you’ll end up looking like a Savage (sorry Robbie). The specially designed goggles will be dished out to every player distorting their view of everything, sorry lads you can’t take these on your night out! We’ll then put you into teams of 5. You’ll play some football, and then we’ll go in to some different games and challenges, such as dribbling (the ball) round cones and cross bar challenge and many more.


After an initial safety briefing, we will break into the teams and kick things off. Teams will be made up of 5-6 players, you can have multiple teams dependent on the size of your group. We will play a few games of Five A Side Football, then have a go at a few hilarious games including a Ronaldo-esque training routine, Ice Hockey style training penalty shootout, Keep Ball session, Crossbar Challenge and many more.

What's Included?